Gin October 5th, 2020

Daddy, I have thought of you often this year and more so as the time of your passing is almost here. This year has been a really hideous one with so many difficulties to overcome for everyone. It's been a year of change. We are in the process of buying a home Dad, you'd be saying "nice one darling" and so chuffed with us, we're going to be home owners at the grand old age of 53! So we will be moving to Lincolnshire to create a new life for us. Phoebe and Archie are growing into fine young people and you'd be very proud of their little achievements. At this time of year I think so much of family and miss being nearer to Mum and my Sisters. You have left such a hole in our lives Dad. I'm often comforted knowing we'll see each other again one day in the glory of Heaven. Mummy keeps herself well and we all are grateful that she has her Sister, Dee so close by to keep her company. I will light a candle for you this Christmas as always and send my love and hugs to you in my prayers. Sleep tight Dad. Love you always. Gin xxx